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Where the Informed Meet to BE Moved by Life’s Crossroads!

In response to the Art Assignment last Spring of choosing two or three images of an art work with three sequential poems on how your body is represented led me to visit the site of the oldest municiple university in America.  Founded on April 3, 1798 as the Louisville Seminary which gave rise to the University of Louisville, the Jefferson Seminary became the Univeristy of Louisville through authorizing legislation.  The Adminstration reflects the Jeffersonian Design of Monticello while inside the buidling, the Foucault Pendulum quietly swings to mark the earth’s rotation.  While out front, at the foot of the entrance steps, sitting on the foundation rests, Rodin’s Thinker.

To have reached up to just touch the cold bronze on this rainy day, along with the rich memories of visiting the campus, to protest at the campus regarding the construction contracts that excluded potential access to the bidding process by race, sex, creed, gender and disabiilty will have G_d as well as any informed thinker for generations to come to be asking the question, about the ease of access to space that was committed to the promotion of the “Public Happiness by Bestowing a Liberal Education on Those Whom Nature Has Endowed with Genius and Adventure”.

So, if one wonders about thinking, to the extent that a better perspective emerges about the creative mind, is that “work”?  Currently, within the Federal Level of Administration, there is a robust push to force labor from those who are unemployed who use Medicaid.  To understand the experimentation being performed, see: Forced Work and click on the request for expedited consideration.

Since the drafting of this post back in the Spring, there seems to be reporting in the Arktimes of the failure of the Medicaid program to force work as an incentive to obtain health care see:  Damaging Health Care

A Window into Art that Shows

The Green Trunk Freight (2).jpg

The Show unpacked over life, with each piece and others being crafted in the time afforded for trying to understand the meaning inherent of Art.

DSC_0094.JPG                 DSC_0090.JPG





From the corner, the idea of bubbles crafted by a machine, to be created and understood from Human, in 12 columns, paintings, trunks and an administrative hearing represents a unique chemistry that civilization continously attempts to break down into parts while while being challenged to see the “whole”.

DSC_0015.JPG                                       DSC_0077 (2).JPG

Starting from the S in Ideas, the idea of 40+ whales in an ecological soup of post industrial activity would be broken down into the parts of even the conceptual level of the word, “IDEAS”.  The idea of systems theory helps to comprehend the relationships inherent to the whole, that is beyond the sum, which Bertalanaffy would advance as being greater than the parts.

Catagorized Whale Parts

The window sill served as a reminder of the construct of energy, where a small photovoltaic cell registered the conversion of the sun’s light into a meter reading, placed next to a compass and metronome.  Dimensionality into at least 4D in the assigned space challenged the senses to experience frames and scales of relationship ad infinitum.  The assemblage served as in invitation to joy and play in the placements inside as well as outside the well of one’s imagination.

DSC_0081 (2)
Photo Cell & Meter

Look Out

the window


The Willis Tower


wonder why?


DSC_0084 (2).JPG


The mass & weight

Artistry of light’s spectrum

being absorbed

on the application

of  nature’s imagination!



While inside,

The Clouds of

primary colors,





DSC_0071 (2)


Bowed & Twisted

Arrows of Time

Up against the wall, the evidence was placed in the protracted scales of justice where redacted Adminstrative Hearing of Wells vs State of Kentucky spoke quietly into the world of visitors.  And still, the final ruling case has not come to rest on 17 August 2019.

DSC_0047 (2)

In case of a climate change towards citizens who have experienced mental illness, Hurricane straps would be used to secure against any wild gyrations of prejudice in the systems of layered governance while my patience oscillates in life’s periodicity.

DSC_0072 (2)



 The plane of the line balance draw the invisible role in                            between asymmetrical functions.



The center space though was anchored by the painting that emerged from the visit with the Grackels and Mockingbirds outside my apartment around the Gingko Tree.


And even though Lewis Carroll nor Albert Einstein could be present, their idea being essential to the story provided context for how the skin of the bubble burst to yield presence, even when the Middle East arguments displace scheduled ADA meetings at the White House.  To think about the how space can be shaped for access does not require geniuses, but rather a language that understands the gaps in the Arts, if not the Sciences.


DSC_0038 (2)           Though Alice shrinks plays with scale

DSC_0037 (3)



Albert’s bath time is continously evolving!



Until another time, the twelve columns would be packed away, the final two that were connected through an optic chiasma revealed in their separation the strengths attached to connecting portals.

DSC_0119 (2)   the space   DSC_0118 (3)



being packed in the Dreidel of what is alien to many but essential to all. 

Before!  There is time.


DSC_0036 (2)

The Art Portfolio: An Exploration

For the integration of the School of Art Institute of Chicago’s (SAIC) MFA Thesis with the Sulllivan Gallery Show this Summer, the challenge became an exploration into the placements of ideas.  As artifacts I realized a visual conversation within self but also an intense dialogue by which art history and science are discovering the forces that emerge in the concrete expressions known as cities.  In the early stages of my resource planning studies in Canada, time was spent visiting the Chagall windows in the Chicago Art Museum between train arrivals and departures.  Now, twenty years later, my thesis and Show compliment an exciting way of “Being” a witness to the world of Fine Arts.  In the beginning, I would be afforded a certain space in the Sullivan Art Gallery in Chicago.

In late June the introduction into the space by which I would commit to exhibit the best of what can be offered in reponse to graduate art studies occurred with emergent ideas of creativity and art making.  Daily trips by the corner at Columbus and Monroe beckoned me to think about the exchange taking place within not just self and not just in the markets.

To install a show, one senses a need for nerves of steel or better yet, a sensitivity for what constitutes the values and value of “The Garden”.  To think there is a “Key”, an element or elements rise to shape beauty such as the micro garden shown in the shadows of the Chicago Stock Exchange Artifact resonate within what could be.  My thesis concern was with the conceptual nature of Being, not just of my self, but realizing there is a conversation with Nature by which Time does know a unique way of reconciliation inherent in the gifts bestowed by life’s creativity.

The thesis represents an effort to understand “The Whole” of nature’s voice in the moments of awe, hence the title and recognizition of my neighborhood.

Revised copy.jpg

In particular, as one being being labelled as part of “The Mentally Ill”, while still a citizen much of my efforts have attempted to understand how and why a certain portion of a population can be mistreated.  Even today within prisons and mental hospitals, administrators offer only feigned expressions of dismay while the causalities remain outside the systems of governance.  In some sense of my effort and within the rigors of the academy, the Abstract of the thesis set the tone for trying to reveal something different in modernity’s artistry.

By being in the SAIC program a visit to the National Gallery of Art’s show on Outlier Art in 2018 would shape once again my perception of self in a country.  Hence, the reference and inspiration configured in my Abstract to the Thesis.

Thesis Image Half08152019.jpg

Thus, on July 11, the show opened and the discussions and critiques began.   To absorb the internal conversations all of were having gave rise to a unique conversation that I think mirrored the conversation outside the walls of the institution.


SAIC Show08152019.jpg


My work in “play” would unpack and be assembled in the alloted space over a few days that seemingly was a creative act in and of itself.









“Before! There is Time” would begin to be assembled with the installation of a clock that evolved from days of Chicago’s standard time zones and Little Rock’s fledgeling agency for Mayflower Van Lines.  With each swing of the pendulum, the works would find their place in their alloted space for a brief interlude this past July.

Tomorrow the Installation!  A Window into my Art Portfolio.

Algorithms as Weapons of Destruction

Today I would visit the insightful reporting of The Arkansas Times and would wail at the case making its way through the courts.  For the challenge made by those with disabilties through Legal Aid have been hit again.  If one has ever been through a courst of any kind, if the facts are not in the case at the beginning, then the progressive arguments, ruling, challenges, keep honing down the reason for the case advacing.  Too often cash becomes the language of settlement than what is the reason for life, as context to the ethics inherent to sound decision making.

There seems to be another game going on the Orders of Law in Arkansas.  And to fathom how and then why, there seems to be an absence of stalwart leadership, one only has to reflect a little bit to comprehend where a more profound ruling can occur.  If the courts are operating lock step, then what chances does difference have?  For even realizing a life?  See: Supreme Court Overturns

Whereas: A Response to Layli Long Soldier

In reading the poetry of Layli Long Soldier, the Spirit responds with recognition of her work and the work that is in front of us, as Artists.

First, see Whereas: The Right to Peacefully Assemble

Then, see: A Call to Activate: For Justice


Labels become outdated

Inundated becomes valorization

For those too far removed

From the importance

Of Thee;

Situation Moving



Then Understand the Pre-


Towards Whereas:

Dis as slang04032019

Followed by

Another Resolution?


A One time


The Bastille Resolution04032019

But was this important

To the Important

for the lives lost

from broken treaties

from broken promises

for the future

when the



for the time


to get
















Flag, Flagged and No Response?

In briefly visiting the news today along with some stops to the gathering of Conservatives, I am reminded of the past where “The Flag” took on meaning.  As children, we would receive a flag that was flown over the U.S. Capitol and other artifacts though I’ve wondered at times what does this symbol really mean.

In response to the patriots some reference to the code that describes display is in order.  See:

See # 7, for if one reviews the policies that guide the thinking of “The People” and “not our own people” as Trump often signinfies in contrast to the whole of the body of all citizens, then one might begin to ask questions.  For who do you think empowers the Office?

And of course, the law empowers the leader to even establish a different protocol, but understand what is codified into policies, grew out of a debate from both the House and Senate.  And there have been questions where the Judicial has passed judgements.

In viewing this image:

was the President shackling the symbol that if one reads the code, there is a discussion about symbolic of the freedoms and liberties afforded to us, as citizens.  Yes, the event was a Conservitive Political Action Confernce (CPAC) meeting to build momentum.

However, manipulating the artifacts is one clue to a type of power which the U.S. Constitution guards against.  On the other hand, there are certain freedoms guaranteed to the pariticpants, though at what point does “Liberty and Justice for all” shake loose frozen mindsets?  Should holding on to the office be confused with buying the office?







ON/OFF Creating A Movement

To Charge the Movement as an Art form requires only You to participate!

Avocado Press To Ride Buses  So simple the switch is at your fingertips to be used and then used.  When to realize a call to arms in trying to realize a social shift in civil rights as an outward response to the plight afforded a community of people who have literally been pushed aside!  And what do institutional organizations have to do with the world of High Finance and Politics?

While being involved in a Writing Art Class and seeing how the creative response begins to manifest expression takes some effort, even when that effort as an artist may be a writing in solitude. Even a journey can be that, though this last week I was reminded by my physican that “Art is in and of itself a healing profession”.  

In being apart of on-line learning through the School of Art in Chicago while residing in Louisville, Ky is a creative act to move the thinking, about life into a space where I can ask questions without being punished.  If one thinks of the possibilities that the sciences can be integrated with the arts, then a realization can be realized that LIFE is the art.  Artists create and engage the moment to share how expressions are important, even when one is up against a management style that diminishes the idea of difference.

Find below a poem written in response to Time, an essential dimension that I’ve wondered about all of my life.


NOW, Time


First, second, third in the fourth

by whose voice speaks from yesterday

but from the face of time.


The clock that marked

The space:

The place of the Mayflower

Little Rock and all points,

East, West, North and South.


But who would ever want

To take apart time?


To wrestle for a blessing,

Time spent by a young man

Only wanting a blessing

From the Divine.


Time marched on, and yet

In the dimensionality by which

Ships Sailed,

Navigation flawed,

It’s seams.


Regardless of

the inevitability of death,

time lapses,

without running around.


Create time,

The Father would admonish

The child, when a world

Beckons with vessels, illuminative

Imagination gone infinitesimal

Without knowledge

of transmission,

the lore

nor understanding.


mind is matter,

not over,

not below,

but the dimensionality

of a times squared


the Gawd!


The beat unfolds,

The blind know

The race is off

Already, so soon,

Before the jazz

calls Billie, Louis

to take a ride

with Cab!


So much to do when one thinks one can make a difference in this life!

Until the next blog, 




On Being Called to Respond

In the summer of 1972 I would get to experience Washington, D.C. as a young intern for Congressman David Pryor of Arkansas. That summer was special, not so much to have even worked in Watergate, that night, but to experience a city by the designs of Pierre Charles L’Enfant would set in motion the verb of a plan for the City on a Hill. To understand this “backstory” as a function of nature’s design requires a tuning of the soul of not only America, but the world if We, as a people wish to realize the prosperity aligned with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. In the Arts, regardless of what is being politically espoused, creativity joy seems to be experienced while all to quickly becoming an artifact to that moment unique!

Democracy: An Experiment in the Liberation of Freedom

Matter does seem to be complete in opposition to Churchill’s belief.

The Triumph of Man over Matter does not seem to be quite complete yet. 

Bill Adler “The Churchill Wit”

Democracy as an expression of the choice and will of people is evolving through a set of laws, derived in the United States of checks and balances.  Often practices inherent to the formation of wealth may violate the spirit of the law.  

Invisible is not an opposite of outvisible, but rather is a temporary island by which thinking is tensioned across the unconscious and consciousness held in the right and lefit hemspheres of the human body that breathes in and out the scalibilty of relationships within and beyond self.  And Matter is a function of mass, not so much of gravity unless one wishes to explore “Feynman’s Lectures on Gravitation”. To be more precise and focused, one could also go into the writings of Edward Tufte’s “Beautiful Evidence” and other topics presented from his conferences. But what this page, which I may attempt to revise, is an attempt to address the issues of trying “to just be”, to hear and see a different visual bubbling from within.  If you will, where even mind, is accepted and held within and beyond the double-consciousness.

At the beginning of the of an on-line Chicago Institute of Art class on Human Rights and Social Change, I would share two books with my class. The two books were “The Cry of the Invisible” edited by Michael Lusko.  The book was obtained in 1992 while attending a meeting of a National Meeting of Rights & Protection Advocates in Philadelphia.   The second book, by Paul Von Blum, was The Art of Social Conscience which was acquired enroute back to Little Rock from the University of Waterloo in ’83 when I had to take a leave of absence to recover from attempting to understand disorder in the context of the writings of Ilya Prigogine.  In Detroit, I would have to switch trains and time was spent visiting the Detroit Institute of Arts.

“Humanity is not something with which man is born,” declares Peter Seltz in his forward to this book.  “It has to learned and fought for, and often the artist becomes the individual in whom the struggle to maintain or acheive true humanity manifests itself, the  man in revolt agains accepted values, the guardian of non-comformity”.

What is not understood or woven into the concsiousness of the rights discourse, is an awareness that categorically starts out which engages self in the others by categorical forms of existence framed in terms of race, sex, creed, gender, creed and disablity.

The last category of disability can find representation in all the previous categories.  But if the disability is a developmental disability, social acceptance can be higher than the last.  The last category bestowed by the evolution of mental health care is contextualized by the more nuanced social experience that often says indirectly not by race, not by sex, not by creed, not by gender but rather by the qualities of aymmetrical form in motion.  When one is chained to” hospital bed” or murdered, then who will speak truth in power?

The image is of two mental patients chained to the bunk bed in the State Hospital. "the assemblage a person, strapped to a bed, is isolated with  only the brutal image of himself for companionship.

I once served an an orderly in the Arkansas State Hospital prior to becoming “invisibile” as a patient citizen. And now, We, as a class read Ellison’s classic, “Invisible Man” the story from my perspective becomes a parody of my life’s journey to date. For to have grown up in Little Rock, attend Central High, and later Hendrix College, a Methodist affiliated college with a parent serving on the Board of the Institution brought into my life a certain love for the role of the non-profit aspect of higher learning. And there were also times, when my Father would attempt to raise funds for Philander Smith College, the sister school for Blacks.

So, years later, to attempt to realize a career in Louisville where Presbyterian and Baptist Seminaries thrive, Universities and Colleges expand, there seems to be within my thinking a sense of de ja vu as I discover the personalities defined by race and the fragile nature of higher institutions of learning. The gifts of Simmons College and St. Stephans remains no less important today, than the perpetuall challenges that any institution of higher learning must face in its trials and tribulations.

But now, in an e-based platforms, how does one make sense out of digital matter and keep the message alive, in the love of higher, if not lower truths?

To attempt to think mind over matter by design, fails the challenge of just being with, in and of matter, which we are.  Light is a an expression of photons being released as a function of the duality and white is not a color.  So the questions and discourse become a bit more complex in trying to find a languge that understand the nature of the whole, the moment and within a time construct internal, but also outside of the gaze. In essence, to the challenge is to see fresh, experience the whole, the LIFE by which a certain structural and spiritual awareness are realized as much as in the NOW.

With this said, Now is the time to start a New Year, 2019 afresh!

Investigations into Labor, Power, of Saudi Arabia

See the book by Charles Morgan, former CEO of Axciom, Matter of Life and Data which relays the personal story of how Morgan developed Axciom but also assisted the House or Saudi Arabia with the development of their banking system.   Wouldn’t have been the first time Conway’s economy advanced from revenues made from trade with the Middle East.  For in 1970’s school buses manufactured by the Ward Bus Company would be shipped to assist with the Muslim’s journey to Mecca.  Now, in building their empires where 1% of the people shape and enslave others, perhaps there is a need to investigate behind the veil and understand at whose expense, beside the demise of the Washington Post Journalist, what making “American Great Again” through the content of man or woman’s character is really all about!